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Is Your Lengthy Interview Process Chasing Away Top Talent?

Is your lengthy interview process chasing away top talent?

The demand for top talent is at an all-time high. The market is saturated with offers, and the war for talent rages on. It is crucial that processes are streamlined and that we create a positive candidate experience from the get go, because even the candidates you don’t hire, will probably recommend you to others.

One of the top reasons the best hires walk; a long interview process.

Three personality tests, six phone interviews, an essay, and your first born please.

Most candidates know that they will likely go through two or three interviews before receiving an offer. Nevertheless, tread carefully, especially when hiring for experience. These candidates have been around the block, so asking them to jump through hoops can be a powerful deterrent.

Mutual respect wins the game.

When interviewing star candidates, especially if they are employed elsewhere, be a little flexible when scheduling the interview and always be prepared. If you don’t prepare for the interview, are late or rush candidates through the process, it immediately sends the message that you don’t respect their time, and suggests that you probably don’t respect the people who already work for you.

Don’t be a ghost.

For most candidates, the worst thing you can do is keep them in the dark. Even if there is a longer process in place, candidates are often willing to wait if they have an idea of how long it will take and what the next steps are. Be transparent, and you’re less likely to lose a great candidate to another offer because they assumed they fell out of the running.

Hand in hand with transparency (and where most companies fail), is the regret stage, either waiting too long to let candidates know they didn’t get the job, or simply not telling them at all. The candidates who have invested significant time and energy deserve more than a mass email or worse, nothing at all.

We’re not saying you should grind your process down to mere days, only that keeping candidates in the loop through the entire process makes all the difference.

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